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Dr. Harsha Baranage MD,MSc,MCGP,MBA

Certified Lecturer

Chairman / Managing Director

Health Solutions and Consultancy

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Professional Qualifications



Asiri Group of Hospitals

Medical Director - Asha Central Hospital (2009 November - 2010 April)
Medical Director - The Central Hospital /Asiri Central Hospital (2010 April to 2018 November)
Medical Director - Asiri Surgical Hospital (2016 October to 2018 November)

Clinical Society / Asiri Group of Hospitals
President (2014 - 2015)
Secretary (2015 - 2018 November)

Work Done at Asiri Central Hospital

Medical Director in charge of the Implementation of JCI (Joint Commissions International) Accreditation at Asiri Central Hospital

During this period set up many committees and clinical departments together with the Director Nursing and Chief Medical Officer and also took chair of many committees

Main areas of focus have been,

Set up the 1st Bone Marrow Transplant Unit with the collaboration of in Sri Lanka at Asiri Central Hospital with Prof. Lawrence Faulkner, Cure2Children Foundation - Italy

Key person responsible for setting up the NeuroSciences Centre at Asiri Central Hospital with Dr. Sunil Perera, MS, FRCS, Neuro Consultant Surgeon
Set up the first Biplane Cathlab In Sri Lanka

Set up the Renal Transplant Program and Treatment Centre For Renal Diseases at Asiri Central
Set up Ambulatory Services and a loyalty program “Asiri Amazing Care”
Set up Cosmetic Centre “Beauty Central”
Implementation of the Triaging System in the Accident and Emergency Services Unit
Many appearances in television and media - Sri Lanka/Maldives
Coordinated Medical and Neurosurgical Program in Kuludufushi, Maldives

Work Done at Asiri Surgical Hospital

Set up a Dialysis Unit with ICU Dialysis facility

Advancements in Radiology – Set up advanced technology in Radiology

Developed Hospital Policies on access to care

Accreditation from the Australian Council of Health Standards – Currently ongoing and working as a member of the Medical Advisory Board

Set up Asiri American Oncology Institute with a team of oncologists from AOI, Pittsburg, USA

Durdans Hospital – Ceylon Hospitals PLC

Director Medical Services (2018 December to 2022 May)

Work Done at Durdans Hospital

Successful Re-accreditation of JCI in 2021

Converting the OPD, A&E Ward Patient records to Electronic Medical Records

Developed nursing care by introducing new career pathways for Nursing Officers (namely Senior Nursing supervisors and Junior Nursing Sisters)

Revamping of OPD & Genito-urinary Surgical Unit

Set up Day Case Centre for Oncology

Sri Lanka’s 1st ever all comprehensive Neurosciences Unit under “Vision 2022” - Initiated the project and compiled the project proposal

Revamping of the Nurses Training School with new curriculum and comprehensive practical training program.

Many appearances in Television - Sri Lanka / Maldives

Many appearances on Television/Media

Rainbow Healthcare (Pvt) Ltd. – Kandy

Chief Executive Officer / Executive Director - 2022 June to Present

Research Experience

Identify factors that delay patient care in Emergency Departments in a private healthcare sector (2016 June to August)

Market Survey in Private Sector Health Care

Feasibility Study for doing Bone Marrow Transplant in Sri Lanka

Research on Non-Communicable Diseases and the increase in the burden on the healthcare system of the country

Customer Satisfaction Analysis – moving from written feedback to an IT-based system for a more efficient process and better impact